Safes & Vaults

If you haven’t visited our showroom lately, you might be surprised. Anytime Lock & Safe has the largest selection and widest variety of safes in northwest Montana. Enough that you can take home or have us deliver your favorite, or — even if we don’t have exactly what you need — you can custom order what you want with confidence that you’ve seen and touched samples representing what you’re going to get, whether it’s a tiny floor safe or a custom-fitted vault door. And, yes, we do deliver and install safes.

Please scroll through the services we offer and the lists below of some of the gun safes, vault doors, personal safes, and commercial safes we carry.

We move and deliver safes

  • With our own staff, properly trained and fully insured
  • With the proper equipment to avoid injury to our crew and damage to your floors, stairs, and fixtures
  • Up and down stairs (within reason)
  • Large and small, and even really large
  • With optional bolt-down, if desired (we recommend it)
  • Discreetly, with an unmarked vehicle, if requested
  • Discreetly and confidentially, into secret rooms and other sensitive situations, with a staff that has submitted to regular background checks and has signed confidential disclosure agreements

We “crack” safes and vaults

  • With members of SAVTA (Safe and Vault Technicians Association) on our staff, we have access to factory combinations, override codes, and keys through most safe manufacturers
  • When manufacturers don’t have the information to open safes, we have the training and skills to open safes, vaults and secure cabinets in other ways
  • Of course, we will require proof of ownership from you!

We service safes & vault doors

  • We change combinations
  • We change locks (mechanical combination and electrical locks) and offer lock upgrades
  • We repair safes and provide maintenance
  • We are the ones that will be called to work on your safe if there is ever a warranty issue, even if you buy it elsewhere. (Box stores don’t have the skills and training.)

Gun Safes and Home Safes

What do you need? We have it or we can get it. We carry the full line of Liberty gun safes — from entry level to top of the line, plus a mix of other gun and home safes from a variety of manufacturers including American Security, Hollon, and Rhino. We specialize in safes. We can assist you with answers to your questions about burglary and fire ratings, advising on what we recommend based on where you live — considering things like response times from fire department — and what you are protecting and how easy it would be to replace.
  • Full line of Liberty gun safes. Buy in our showroom, or even order from Anytime via Liberty’s web site.
  • Entry level 30-minute fire ratings up to 2.5hours or longer.
  • Safes optimized for fire protection or for resistance to burglary or both
  • Small safes for under your bed, to store a handgun nearby, or to protect your cash, jewels, and other valuables and sentimental treasures.
  • Medium and larger safes for long guns, large items, or just more stuff
  • Vault doors to create a safe space as large as you want
  • Safes to install (and hide) in your floor or walls
  • Intrusion and tamper sensors
  • Accessories for lighting, controlling humidity, and maximizing storage

Commercial Safes

We don’t just carry gun safes. We also stock and can order a huge variety of commercial and specialized safes and protective cabinets.
  • Depository safes, drop safes, and drop boxes of various sizes for tills and deposits with a selection of locks
  • Cash management safes
  • Narcotics safes and pharmacy safes
  • Choice of locks to provide access controls and audit trails to meet your organization’s needs and those required by regulators
  • Safes and cabinets with restricted access to comply with regulations like HIPAA and for other sensitive documents and records
  • Data safes and cabinets to protect valuable media backups
  • Fire resistant file cabinets for valuable documents
  • High security safes for fire and/or burglary protection
  • Service and maintenance on safes, lock boxes and safety deposit boxes