Keyless Entry

Locks are the central element of your home or business security. Traditional locks, based on inventions from the 1800s, involved a lock cylinder and simple key, but now there are so many more options and technologically advanced designs available that forego the need to hand out too many copies of those keys.

Keyless locks allow for so many advantages. Access can be given without risk of copying or unapproved duplicating, because codes or credentials can be changed or deleted without physically changing locks and keys. They can be used for temporary access, for instance for a contractor. They allow for immediate security when employees leave, or in unfortunate situations where previously trusted friends, family, colleagues or clients betray your confidence. And, don’t forget, unlike when you or someone else loses a key, you can change a code or disable a credential, and you are immediately secure again.

You often see keyless systems in the commercial sector but you don’t have to have a full-featured, high-end access control system for all cases. For a home or small business, there are several options available, with a variety of features.

Types of Keyless Entry Systems

For businesses with a high volume of traffic and many doors and other locks, “managed access” or “access control” is common. Employees gain access by scanning a card or fob. Many systems can also track the user, door and time of each scan, and they can control access schedules that unlock doors automatically at certain times of day or limit a person’s access to predefined times. This becomes extremely useful for large companies, government agencies, and some small businesses that want to maintain tight security.

But simpler systems are available for homes and small business, churches and other small organizations.

Keyless systems can replace knobs and levers or they can replace deadbolts. They can be used on exterior doors, interior doors, cabinets, closets, gates on roads and fences, storage units, rental property … just about anywhere to protect you, your family, your business, and your “stuff”.

Keyless entry can be achieved with a keypad and code, a fob, a card, a smart phone app, a fingerprint reader, or a combination of these things.

At Anytime, we offer a variety of products for keyless entry (and access control), and we also provide installation and maintenance services. We can explain related topics like high security keys (as an alternative or for mechanical redundancy with a keyless system) and the pros and cons of different systems. They are not all created equally. Some are more reliable than others. Some more secure than others. Some are more convenient than others.

Costs vary quite a bit, too, based on features, quality and brand, so at Anytime, we strive to match your needs and budget with the best fit for you to achieve piece of mind and a firm and confident sense of security.