Auto Keys

Of all the products we offer at Anytime Lock & Safe, auto keys are the most perplexing to customers. While some cost under $10, others can cost over $100 and sometimes several hundred dollars. Keys for older vehicles are simple. They are inexpensive to duplicate, but hard to originate if lost, since many dealers don’t keep key “codes” older than ten years.

The newest vehicles don’t have traditional keys. They start with the push of a button – as long as a “proximity fob” with the correct embedded codes is in your possession. Keys or fobs for late model vehicles are “chipped” transponder keys and encoded electronically, some are only available from dealers, and most are usually expensive. (And for some makes and models, the nearest dealer is hundreds of miles away.)

The advantage we offer to you at Anytime Lock & Safe is that we are mobile. Our vans and technicians can come to you to program a new key, so you avoid having to have your vehicle towed to a dealer.

At Anytime Lock & Safe, we carry the widest variety of old and newer auto keys in northwest Montana, but we unfortunately don’t have them all in stock. Please stop by or call, and we’ll let you know what we can and cannot provide for you, and what the limitations and risks are when it comes to generating new keys from scratch. We’ll also give you a detailed, up-front price, so you’ll know what a new key will cost you. We’ll also clarify which costs are nonrefundable. For example, since we often cannot know ahead of time if your ignition is original – whether the key codes associated with your VIN (vehicle ID number) are still the correct ones for your vehicle, we’ll let you know how we can approach this and what your risks, options and costs will be.