Access Control

Looking to better manage access to your buildings, your rooms, your home, your business, your “stuff”? At Anytime, access control isn’t just for big businesses, hospitals, and government facilities. Of course we provide sophisticated managed access systems and services to these large users, but for us, access control starts with basic locks and keys. After all, if you control who does and doesn’t get keys to your locks, you have a simple access control system. But often, that’s not quite enough.

Hardware can be hardwired or wireless to simplify installation, and technology advances are continuously leading to the introduction of new products to reduce costs, or to increase security.

At Anytime, we are uniquely qualified to tie the intricacies of traditional lock cylinders and other hardware to the advanced electronics and software of access control systems. We have passion for the traditional while we continuously seek knowledge of the new. In addition to our pride in the craftsmanship of one of the last “smithing” trades, our staff backgrounds and training range from military electronics and law enforcement to industry training from leading companies and associations to electrical engineering degrees.