Who we are

Originally founded as Fletcher’s Key Shop, Anytime Lock & Safe has been locally owned and operated since the 1950s in Kalispell, Montana and has grown from a one-man shop to a full crew proudly serving the Flathead Valley and all of northwest Montana with a store, workshop and showroom in Kalispell plus mobile service vans. Our mission is to provide the best locksmith services in northwest Montana. Our focus is on customer service and satisfaction. We offer a wide range of products and services blending traditional locksmithing with modern technology and products ranging from simple keys to beautiful, strong safes and fully-featured access control systems.

Our Owners

Anytime Lock & Safe is owned by Dan and Kathy Schmauch. Dan has had a fascination with locks and safes since trying to crack his grandparents’ old safe and start their junk cars while on their small Kenelty ranch near Libby in the summers of his youth. Kathy is a native of Missoula, and both have families going back several generations in Montana. After growing up in Helena and pursuing careers in and out of state, they settled in the Flathead Valley in 1995 and later entered the locksmithing industry when they decided to apply their skills and experience toward a smaller, local business, and bought Anytime.

Dan’s technical background and business skills were honed at companies like Hewlett-Packard, Semitool, Applied Materials, and a small German technology firm, and he passionately believes locksmithing — one of the last “smithing” trades — needs to maintain its historic, hands-on craft while continuing to modernize to take full advantage of advances in security technology that occur every year. He shares Kathy’s philosophy of emphasizing customer service and efficiency, which she has garnered with years of experience in the health care industry and volunteering..

There are so many fun and challenging aspects to locksmithing. Even though the customers we serve are sometimes struggling through a difficult situation — losing their only key, getting locked out, or having to change locks or open a safe because something bad or unfortunate has happened — we have a passion for helping people. We advise, we assist, we serve. Sometimes we even rescue.

To do these things, we have to have great staff. So we hire people that take pride in helping people, are passionate about being “hands-on” to get things done, and are always willing to take on challenges and learn new things. We are in the business of making people and their possessions secure, so our employees all submit to periodic background checks and sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. We all know how to be discreet. We also come from varying backgrounds, so we know to respect all customers, colleagues and business partners.

Our staff have worked for small local companies and large companies like Amazon, but prefer to provide face-to-face service. They have backgrounds in law enforcement, military service, teaching, and volunteering. And our customers run the gamut from major corporations and government agencies to children and pets — usually children and pets that manage to lock doors. All are people — or important to someone — so if ever one of us has a bad day and treats anyone with less than full professionalism, we want to know about it and have a chance to fix it. That’s why we belong to organizations like the Better Business Bureau and local and national trade associations. We are eager and happy to serve all, and hope to serve you soon.